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How it Works:

Here, we lay out the exact details on us to you, the enthusiastic consumer.


At Health Prep Meals, we pride ourselves on our ability to give the customer the autonomy to choose from a constantly changing selection of meal plans that are both delicious and nutritious. We offer a variety of delivery options. For example, for thirty five dollars you could have weekly lunch plans and for seventy dollars, you have that, PLUS dinner. For the bargain price of 126.00, you can have 20 monthly meals, and going further: for 252.00, you can have the enticing option of having 40 meals. You could spend roughly the same amount of money, possibly even more, on grocery shopping. We thankfully offer you the option of saving you both time and money – precious aspects of life. Our plans are also customizable due to preferences you choose in your account profile, meaning that you aren’t beholden to a single meal plan but instead can ask for some variation. This kind of convenience isn’t highly common!


We also generously offer the option to choose two different payment options. You can pay now, which saves you money, as there are no delivery costs, or you can pay at a later date.


We at Health Prep Meals very strongly believe in our goal of providing meals to customers that are both financially easy on the wallet and cholesterol levels. After all, maintaining good health is one of the most important aspects of our lives, but it can be very difficult to maintain one’s overall wellbeing as well as necessary in the hustle and bustle of modern life. We happily offer an alternative to many of today’s conventional options, and we encourage you to not only enjoy our meals, but to spread the spread the word to others.

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