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Health Prep Meals

Who has the time to shop for their necessities anymore? Meal preparation and delivery services have become all the rage while people struggle to become more efficient with their time. Health Prep Meals offers meal prep and delivery services of all sizes and caters to all budgets as well as cooking skill levels.

Using our meal prep and delivery services, you can freely choose from one of our convenient meal plans. Please allow us to do the entire work to make your life a little easier. Just put your program order and every week we will choose a variety of delightful and healthy foods for you from our constantly changing weekly menu, depending on the preferences that you choose within your account profile.

We provide a wide array of pricing plans with substantial rebates for multi-week purchases. Build your meals and create a healthy and nutritious menu plan with our extensive Health Prep Meals menu. You can customize your entrees and then select the best side dishes for you. Order individually packed entrees & side items so as to make the best menu for you.

Our award winning and trusted chefs will prepare your food to order and we will deliver your meals straight to your home fresh and ready to eat. Our menu here at Health Prep Meals changes every week so that you can always try new and delicious foods. This healthy meal delivery service provides foods which are alkaline, raw and gluten-free, making it ideal for the health-conscious or anybody else curious about the advantages of a healthy diet.

Health Prep Meals also involves side salads, side dishes, soups and delightful raw snack bars made using super-foods with every delivery for healthy snacking & well-balanced meals. All of the meals from our meal delivery service are prepared with locally cultivated, seasonal, all-natural, plant-based ingredients and lean meats.


Health Prep Meals makes sure each of the clients has the best and high quality of fruits we have. We guarantee you will have a healthy lifestyle due to the careful selection of ingredients of our products. You have a 100% guarantee all of our fruits are of the finest kind.


Each week, you would see a new menu posted on our website. By that time, you have a fast and reliable way of choosing the menu you desire. We give you a large variety of dishes you could afford. In each selection, there is a sure way of filling your appetite. You could have an assurance of good menus of an excellent taste.


In just a few clicks, you could have a sure way of ordering your favorite lunch or dinner. In this process of ordering, you have a sure way of getting the right and excellent dinner you want to eat. Plus, you would have a detailed description of the foods to ensure a sure way of ordering them would be a hassle at all.


It would depend on you if you like to pick up or deliver the food you have ordered. We make sure to give your order in a low-cost most of the time. On deliveries, we will deliver your meals Sunday and Wednesday evening, at your home or Early Monday and Thursdays at your work office. We cook them twice so they will be microwave ready. Thus, there would be no hassles in placing your order. We are here to give you the best menus you desire. Thus, you would be assured to have all the meals you want.

Valley Wide Delivery - From Mission, North McAllen and Edinburg | Delivery Sunday Evening at your home or early Monday morning at your office.